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If yes - do you require users to be able to pay by credit card online?
An alternative is to have an online Order Form that is sent to you via email, and you then contact your customers for their payment details.
How many pages do you require?
Most sites are at least 4 pages: Home, About Us, Services, Contact
Do you need a Domain Name?
If yes - would you prefer a .com or
Dot coms are cheaper & allow your business to appear global. Anybody can buy a dot com (or, and many more). And anybody in the world can access it. The lets customers know you're Australian. One can only purchase a if one owns a registered Australian company with that name. If you are in the UK, South Africa or most other countries you can purchase a or without owning a registered company with that name.
If you'd like us to check the availability of your preferred domain name, pls fill it in here.
(You can put more than one name if you like.)
Do you need a hosting package?
All sites need to be 'hosted' so that they're online 24 hours a day and accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. We have a selection of hosting companies we use that range from $100/year to $100/month.
Do you have a logo?
If not - would you like us to design one?
Do you have your own images?
Would you like us to arrange a photographer or stock images for your site?
Would you like your site to only be in HTML?
This site is in html. To view the difference, visit which has been developed in flash.
Would you like a small Flash feature?
...such as pics or words moving & fading. To view an example, see the moving text on the right of the home page of
Would you like most of your site done in Flash?
If yes - would you also like an HTML version?
This allows those without Flash to still access your site. HTML is usually a quicker download as well. We always provide a link to download the Flash player for those without it.
Would you like a Content Management System?
This allows you to update your own site.
Would you like us to compile the copy for your site?
What is your approximate budget?
Which sites are similar to what you require?
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